Monster 043

List of participants, around the clock:

  • Savos of Mainora: King of Midgard
  • San de Vertis: High priestess of Golnar
  • Ix: Spiritual leader of all imps on Gaia
  • Faye Galitas: Headmaster of the Academy of Cania
  • Alissa Itoriel
  • Ryn Gwalch
  • Tik: President of the Chamber of Crafts of Midgard
  • Gregory of Askaroth: Governor of Cania’s province Cheysh-Askaroth
  • Ariella of Cheysh: Archmage from Cania’s province Cheysh-Askaroth
  • Ylana Kilie: Adventurer from Golnar, second richest commoner on Gaia
  • Reafis Rillithane: Secretary of the Interior of Midgard
  • Jarvis Osthur: Head of Midgard’s Royal Society for Natural Sciences
  • Lux Firedale: Chairman of the League of Adventurers
  • Leon Barden: Chairman of the Council of Golnar
  • Hamaed Comarsanth: President of the Congregation of Regions of Harasanth
  • Kairos Khan: Leader of the Royal Guard of Midgard
  • Xarlaxe: Leader of the three golden dragons of Midgard
  • Aolilatse: Leader of the Dragon Council of Santhilia
  • Ardal: May I remind the ladies and gentlemen that the meeting is scheduled to begin in five minutes?
  • King Savos: Thank you, Ardal. We shouldn’t let our guests wait.
  • Ryn: Who’s taking part in the meeting?
  • King Savos: The question should rather be who isn’t taking part in it.
  • Caption: Participants, clockwise: King Savos, San de Vertis, Ix, Faye Galitas, Alissa Itoriel, Ryn Gwalch, Tik, Gregory of Askaroth, Ariella of Cheysh, Ylana Kilie, Reafis Rillithane, Jarvis Osthur, Lux Firedale, Leon Barden, Hamaed Comarsanth, Kairos Khan, Xarlaxe, Aolilatse
  • King Savos: I have news!
  • ???: Good news, I hope!
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