Monster 046

San’s spell in the last panel needed some extra work until it looked right so this page is a couple of hours late.

With 75 pages since 1 January, we’re currently on a good way to keep our promised 102 pages per year. We can even skip one update and still end up at 102 pages which would be another record after last year’s 101 pages.

  • Aolilatse: The Dragon Council firmly opposes the proposed destruction of the Mythal as the consequences are completely unpredictable.
  • San de Vertis: I understand your concerns, Aolilatse, but we need to know what goes on in the land of the elves.
  • Aolilatse: That’s not for you to decide!
  • San de Vertis: Yes, it is.
  • Aolilatse: You assume the right to issue orders to me, Aolilatse?!
  • San de Vertis: Yes, I do.
  • Aolilatse: Get out of here, girl! You’re–
  • Aolilatse: What’s–?
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