Monster 049

  • King Savos: Our top priority is to find Lilith Caillean. Therefore, a task force under San de Vertis’ command shall look for her in Oakdale, Greendew, Aracona and other places of interest such as the Crystal Fortress.
  • King Savos: Cania’s sealed borders should not present an obstacle. Getting into the Crystal Fortress without the help of the Shadowdancers may prove to be difficult, though.
  • King Savos: Experienced adventurers shall therefore search the ruins of Mithra for teleportation cubes and other useful clues and artifacts.
  • King Savos: Meanwhile, several thousand dragons and imps shall fly to Ysdar, destroy the Mythal and demand the elves’ support in our quest to find and fight Eldor.
  • King Savos: A battalion of experienced soldiers shall be summoned to the Void where it will keep watch for a floating tower which may be connected to Eldor in some way.
  • King Savos: Supported by the three golden dragons of Midgard, the Royal Guard shall occupy the Thunderbolt Stronghold, eliminate present cultists and try to find out more about the Forbidden Corridor.
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