Monster 050

  • King Savos: Osterath’s city guard shall infiltrate the headquarters of the Disciples of the Two Heavens to find out more about the cult’s structure and goals.
  • King Savos: The armies of Midgard, Golnar and Harasanth shall prepare themselves for an invasion of Cania, whose government is supposedly under Eldor’s command.
  • King Savos: Last but not least, all magical artifacts and other objects that may be useful to us shall be temporarily seized.
  • Sign: Wands & Potions
  • King Savos: Any creature defying these orders shall be arrested.
  • San de Vertis: This is what we’ll do! This is how we’ll win!
  • San de Vertis: We’ll meet again tomorrow morning at 8 o’clock to prepare everything.
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