Monster 051

  • King Savos: Was it really necessary to humiliate Aolilatse like that? Once we’re out of the woods, he’ll turn the whole of Santhilia against you.
  • San de Vertis: I won’t let it get to that point.
  • San de Vertis: The first thing I’ll do after beating the evil out of Lilith is to remove him from the Dragon Council. Santhilia has suffered long enough under his reign of terror.
  • King Savos: No way!
  • King Savos: You’ll never get away with that! Aolilatse has thousands of fanatic followers!
  • San de Vertis: I’m Gaia’s chosen one. Once they see my true power, they’ll bow down before me.
  • King Savos: Who shall take Aolilatse’s place, then?
  • San de Vertis: Xarlaxe. He’s fed up with him too.
  • San de Vertis: Not that it matters much… In fall, I’ll crown myself queen of Santhilia and all the other countries.
  • San de Vertis: And the both of us will rule over all of Gaia!
  • King Savos: Ha!
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