Monster 053

  • Alissa: … Where did it all go so wrong?
  • Ryn: All paths led back to Oakdale for Lili.
  • Ryn: Eldor planned this for centuries! It’s a wonder that we almost managed to assassinate him.
  • Alissa: I still can’t believe that you asked me to shoot Lili.
  • Ryn: I was sure she’d cast a disintegration spell on us, or something like that.
  • Alissa: But she didn’t!
  • Ryn: Well, true…
  • Alissa: So maybe she also won’t be the one to cast that mysterious “spell.”
  • Faye Galitas: Alissa, I know it’s hard to accept…
  • Faye Galitas: But we analyzed the spell for days. And the caster has to be one of Hel’s students.
  • Alissa: If you say so…
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