Monster 054

  • Faye Galitas: What do you think of San’s plan?
  • Ryn: I can’t say that I’m fond of her “Midwinter wish list.”
  • Alissa: I like it. If just a few of these schemes work out, it’ll drive Eldor into a corner.
  • Alissa: It’s San who I don’t like. There was no reason to punish Aolilatse like that.
  • Leon Barden: Haha, yes, a diplomat, San is not, rather a force of nature.
  • Alissa: You know San?
  • Leon Barden: Saying that I “know” her would go too far. But I’ve talked to her several times. Back in Osterath.
  • Leon Barden: Four months ago, San appeared in the palace, announced her intentions, and then forced everyone to follow her orders.
  • Alissa: Sounds awfully familiar.
  • Alissa: We certainly shouldn’t trust her!
  • Leon Barden: Oh, I don’t know…
  • Leon Barden: Without her help, we’d never have been able to capture Isahara the Mad(*).
  • Caption: (*) = Lunatic redmage who burnt down several villages in Golnar.
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