Monster 055

  • Ryn: It was San who arrested Isahara, not the guard?
  • Leon Barden: That’s right. San tracked Isahara down in the Silver Forest and then confronted her.
  • Leon Barden: By all accounts, it was an epic battle… with both of them casting spells not seen since the Darkness.
  • Alissa: Let’s pray to Gaia that San has good intentions if she’s that powerful.
  • Faye Galitas: Even if not…
  • Faye Galitas: If San’s able to get us out of this mess, she may eat as many children for breakfast as she desires as far as I’m concerned.
  • Alissa: Faye!
  • Faye Galitas: I’m just telling it the way it is. Two months ago, I believed so strongly in Lilith that I asked Xarlaxe to rescue her right before the execution.
  • Alissa: What?
  • Faye Galitas: But now she’s probably not much more than a weapon for a–
  • Lilith: Monster!
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