Monster 057

Sorry for posting this page a day late. On the upside, I now have a week of holiday and I’ll finally be able to build a buffer of scripted pages again.

  • Lilith: What’s that you say?
  • Eldor: After Viviana had passed out, I operated on her. Otherwise she’d never have woken up again.
  • Lilith: Which would never have happened if you hadn’t created the maze in the first place!
  • Eldor: It wasn’t my intention to drive her mad.
  • Eldor: But enough of that now!
  • Lilith: Why did you bring me to this… place? I’m already spending all my time learning the stupid spells in your stupid book!
  • Eldor: Yeah. And you haven’t even mastered the very first spell!
  • Lilith: That spell is hard!
  • Eldor: It shouldn’t be, for someone with your skills.
  • Lilith: Maybe you overestimate me…
  • Eldor: Definitely not!
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