Monster 058

  • Eldor: But learning spells of the 10th level without any help is probably too much even for you.
  • Eldor: Therefore I have decided to take on a more active role in your education and serve as your teacher for the next few weeks.
  • Lilith: This is a joke, right?!
  • Eldor: I never make jokes.
  • Lilith: Then it’s a nightmare!
  • Eldor: I’m not exactly looking forward to it, either. But at this point it’s a necessity. Otherwise it’d take you decades to learn all the spells in Isaac’s book.
  • Lilith: But why?!
  • Eldor: Why what?
  • Lilith: Why do you want me to learn all these stupid spells? Why?!!
  • Eldor: Because you’re the only creature on Gaia capable of breaking a time suspension shield. But only with proper training.
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