Monster 059

  • Lilith: A time suspension shield? What’s that supposed to be? It isn’t one of the spells in Isaac’s book.
  • Eldor: Magic, matter, time. None of that affects a time suspension shield. It resides in another realm of reality.
  • Lilith: How should I be able to break such a powerful barrier when even you can’t?
  • Eldor: Because there’s a fire burning in your soul, Lilith.
  • Eldor: You must be feeling it too. You’re destined for greatness, Lilith of Ileasaar.
  • Eldor: And I’ll help you to reach your full potential!
  • Lilith: What’s behind the barrier?
  • Eldor: Something that was taken from me a long time ago.
  • Lilith: For good reason, I presume.
  • Eldor: You take that back!!
  • Eldor: She almost destroyed the world when she took it!
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