The Way Back Home 002

I posted my look back at my 10 favorite pages from the last two chapters.

Gaia: My favorite pages from the last two chapters – Places 1 to 10

  • Filimor Fayd: Wait a moment! I know you…!
  • Filimor Fayd: You’re… Dyson Caillean! You applied at the museum!
  • Sandril: And I’m Sandril Saretro.
  • Filimor Fayd: Impossible!
  • Sandril: We’re going to tell you a story. You won’t believe us at first, but eventually you’ll realize that it’s true and that…
  • Sandril: … you need to give us Arathor’s sword.
  • Filimor Fayd: What?! Why?
  • Sandril: It’s the only weapon on all of Gaia that can kill this redmage named Eldor Olenvis.
  • Filimor Fayd: Who… is… that?
  • Sandril: He’s the leader of the organization which carried out the Red Hall attack, the Cult of the Two Heavens…
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