The Way Back Home 003

I posted my look back at my 10 favorite pages from the last two chapters.

Gaia: My favorite pages from the last two chapters – Places 1 to 10

  • Museum guard: Pardon my bluntness, Mister Fayd, but may I ask you why you’re removing Arathor’s sword from its showcase?
  • Filimor Fayd: By command of King Olrik, Lightbringer is to be taken to the city hall forthwith.
  • Museum guard: Then I’ll accompany you if that’s fine with you.
  • Dyson: No, that is–
  • Filimor Fayd: I was about to ask the same thing, George.
  • Filimor Fayd: I need to tell my wife that it’ll take a little longer today.
  • Museum guard: As you wish.
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