The Way Back Home 006

  • Dyson: I wish plan A would have worked.
  • Sandril: I’m sorry for pulling you into this mess, Dyson.
  • Dyson: Now the entire guard is after us.
  • Sandril: There’s nothing but woods, woods, and more woods between Heyselfall and Greendew. They’ll never catch us if we’re careful.
  • Dyson: But how should we get into the city, let alone the castle?
  • Sandril: We now have more than enough time to think about it.
  • Dyson: Still no idea what Lili told you about the spell she’s supposed to cast for Eldor?
  • Sandril: No. I only understood “time suspense” or something like that. Not a clue what that’s supposed to be.
  • Sandril: But let’s look at it logically. Eldor doesn’t want to destroy something. No! He wants to get something!
  • Sandril: Immortality, omnipotence…
  • Sandril: … He wants to become a God!
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