The Way Back Home 009

This is not the main gate of Greendew. It’s one of several side entrances.

  • Guard: Reason for the visit?
  • Viviana: Since when does one need to give a reason for wanting to visit Greendew?
  • Guard: Since the Shadowdancers reduced half of Aracona to rubble.
  • Viviana: Hmpf.
  • Ilias: We want to visit my brother Reto.
  • Viviana: … And see the Great Tree.
  • Guard: Is that a motion detector?
  • Ilias: My wife doesn’t feel safe at night without one.
  • Guard: I see.
  • Guard: Enjoy your stay.
  • Ilias: Thank you.
  • Viviana: Hmpf.
  • Ilias: Do you know a good inn?
  • Viviana: No. I’ve never been to this part of Greendew.
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