The Way Back Home 011

You can still ask me questions Gaia.

  • Viviana: According to credible sources at the court of King Savos, the escaped Lilith Caillean will cast the spell causing the ripples in the Bluestream which can be detected by an increasing number of wizards.
  • Ilias: That must be one of Eldor’s tricks.
  • Viviana: Meanwhile, Morian the Elder published new calculations according to which the spell won’t have the apocalyptic effects claimed by high priestess San de Vertis. Instead, its energy will only be sufficient to devastate an area of the size of Askaroth.
  • Viviana: Just before going to press, Brego Perathon confirmed the correctness of Morian’s calculations.
  • Ilias: If Brego says that, there must be something to it.
  • Viviana: King Olrik’s speech to the people of Cania is scheduled for tomorrow at 1 o’clock. All workers are to be released from duty for the duration of the transmission of Olrik’s speech. Directly afterwards, at 2 o’clock, King Savos will talk to the citizens of Midgard.
  • Ilias: Interesting.
  • Ilias: I’m going to go check out our room.
  • Viviana: Hmm…
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