The Way Back Home 013

  • Eric Loreson: Trevor? From the guard? What’s on your heart? Spill it!
  • Trevor Jeldar: The thing is, we could use some help solving a vicious crime.
  • Eric Loreson: How vicious?
  • Trevor Jeldar: Very. There’s been a horrific triple murder in the small town of Wylen!
  • Trevor Jeldar: Yesterday, an innkeeper and two guards were downright cut into pieces in the inn’s cellar.
  • Trevor Jeldar: We’ve got nothing so far. No clues, no witnesses, and, above all, no motive.
  • Trevor Jeldar: We fear that the killer may strike again at any time. Tomorrow, we’ll announce a reward of 10,000 Thaler for clues that lead to his arrest.
  • Talon Garrison: That’s a lot!
  • Eric Loreson: Sounds intriguing!
  • Ira Catao: Count us in!
  • Zora: GROWL
  • Zora: RRRRR
  • Ira Catao: What’s wrong, Zora?
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