The Way Back Home 023

The Way Back Home 023

Our Sandra and Woo adventure game has just been released!

GET THE GAME ON Sandra and Woo in the Cursed Adventure on Steam

One night, Sandra and Woo get sucked into a medieval gaming world. Now they must find a way back home before it’s game over for them! Our classical point-and-click adventure comes with a playing time of more than 10 hours and a full voice-over!

Sandra and Woo in the Cursed Adventure on Steam

  • King Olrik: We have found and captured Lilith Caillean!
  • Ilias: That’s not the real Lilith.
  • Viviana: I know. But all these people don’t!
  • King Olrik: This wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of my advisor and friend Eldor Olenvis.
  • Eldor: Thank you very much, your Majesty. Thank you for always trusting me even in the face of all those nefarious rumors spread by foreign powers.
  • Eldor: Now let me recount how I tracked down Lilith in Aerius…
  • Viviana: Alissa’s painting!
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