The Way Back Home 024

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Here are excerpts from two of the player reviews:

Ludichris1: “Overall, fun story and good adventure gameplay with fitting voice actors (usually) and good music, sometimes VERY catchy. I would recommend this game and am glad I played it.”

The Inqusitor of Death: “Other than the odd and stiff animation, this game is amazing. It also stay[s] true to the web comics. […] Buy this game if you’re a fan of the web comic and like point and click adventure games.”

  • Viviana: I hung it in my own room in the Shadowkeep! Eldor or his men must have been there to take it!
  • Ilias: We can’t go back there; it’s no longer safe!
  • Viviana: Unless we have no other choice, I’d say.
  • King Olrik: Any last words, Lilith?
  • Lilith: Trias will punish you, heathens!
  • King Olrik: Yeah, I don’t think so.
  • King Olrik: Executioner, do your duty!
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