The Way Back Home 028

  • King Savos: Well,… I wouldn’t say that Eldor’s checkmated us.
  • Ryn: You wouldn’t, your Majesty?
  • King Savos: No. I’d say he just rammed the whole chess board down our throat!
  • King Savos: I only wonder why King Olrik didn’t hold his speech after mine. That would have completely ruined me and San.
  • Ryn: I have another question: How did Eldor manage to suppress the vibrations of Lilith’s spell in the Bluestream?
  • San de Vertis: Beats me.
  • Alissa: And why did he show us the painting from Viviana’s room in the Crystal Fortress?
  • Faye Galitas: I need a drink.
  • Alissa: Me too.
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