The Way Back Home 039

  • Joril Buffin: The Shadowdancers? I don’t know what they’re up to. And even if I did, I wouldn’t tell some random strangers!
  • Viviana: Then what about the independence movement?
  • Joril Buffin: The movement? Ha!
  • Joril Buffin: It died two hours ago. Or didn’t you see the broadcast?
  • Joril Buffin: I don’t understand a thing about all that magic stuff Morian talked about. But a tax break of 25%!? Even I think that’s pretty damn generous!
  • Joril Buffin: With Salacea, Milo and all the Shadowdancers playing hide-and-seek, there’s nobody who could lead the movement anyway.
  • Joril Buffin: Olrik has Ileasaar in the bag! At least for another decade! Unless there’s something seriously wrong with the story about Lilith.
  • Viviana: Well, there is. Lilith still lives.
  • Joril Buffin: Come again?!!
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