The Way Back Home 040

Sorry for posting the page late today.

  • Viviana: The Lilith you saw wasn’t real. It was a golem.
  • Joril Buffin: What?! But it was all full of blood and stuff!
  • Viviana: Yes, it looked very convincing. But the real Lilith still lives. And I even know where.
  • Joril Buffin: Where?
  • Viviana: She’s being held in the castle, by Eldor. And if we don’t stop Eldor in time, she’ll cast her “doomsday spell” for him.
  • Joril Buffin:
  • Joril Buffin: HA HA HA HA!
  • Joril Buffin: You really have a vivid imagination, girl!
  • Viviana: It’s the truth!
  • Joril Buffin: Sure it is! … What’s next? Are you gonna tell me that you’re actually Jael Bara?
  • Viviana: I’m at least considering it…
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