The Way Back Home 041

Best page of this chapter so far. And the next one will be just as good!

  • Joril Buffin: Ha ha, you’re quite the joker, girl! Well, at least I can be sure that you’re not a Canian spy or something. You’re way too stupid for that!
  • Viviana: Hey!
  • Joril Buffin: Is your wife always like this?
  • Ilias: You have to excuse her. She’s been through a lot lately.
  • Viviana: Hey!
  • Ilias: Could we join you anyway? We’re new in Greendew and don’t know anyone else.
  • Joril Buffin: For all I care, yes. Thing is, I currently have a job that’s made for someone like you.
  • Viviana: Really? What is it? Do you need me to tail somebody?
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