The Way Back Home 042

Ilias is totally right, though. Viviana is cute when she’s angry.

  • Viviana: Once I’m officially crowned queen, I’ll introduce a hefty “Joril Buffin is a booger brain” tax.
  • Ilias: Don’t be so grumpy.
  • Viviana: Before I was declared queen, I never had to spend the night in a shack or do the dishes!
  • Viviana: Wipe that stupid smirk off your face! This isn’t funny!
  • Ilias: Oh yes, it’s very funny.
  • Viviana: Idiot!
  • Ilias: You’re cute when you’re angry, your Majesty.
  • Viviana: Pffff!!!
  • Viviana: I changed my mind. You’re not going to be prince consort. You’re going to be the stable boy!
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