The Way Back Home 046

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  • Viviana: And… I’m dead!
  • Ilias: Excuse me??
  • Viviana: I was poisoned by my minister of foreign affairs.
  • Ilias: Milo Torval poisoned you?
  • Viviana: Not by my real minister, silly, by the one in the game!
  • Ilias: Game? Looks like a book to me.
  • Viviana: It’s “So you want to be King?” from Cedric Kalisto’s “So you want to be X” series.
  • Viviana: You have to compete in twelve disciplines and make the right decisions to survive the first year of your reign.
  • Ilias: Ha ha ha!
  • Viviana: Why are you laughing?
  • Ilias: I can’t believe that a real queen is playing a game like that.
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