The Way Back Home 047

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Poor Viviana. There’s so much pressure on her.

  • Viviana: What’s wrong with that? There are many really good tips in it!
  • Viviana: Or did you know that one should never gift flowers to emissaries from Harasanth?
  • Viviana: Sigh
  • Ilias: What’s wrong?
  • Viviana: I’ll never be as calculating and ruthless as the king in the game. That’s just not me.
  • Viviana: Midgard’s diplomats will cut me into pieces and Golnar’s merchants will sell them to the highest bidder.
  • Ilias: That’s why you have ministers.
  • Viviana: … Who will then become so powerful that they eventually won’t need me anymore.
  • Ilias: Milo won’t poison you!
  • Ilias: Everybody will love and admire you!
  • Viviana: I wish I shared your optimism.
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