The Way Back Home 050

  • Ilias: What were you doing in the information office?
  • Ryker Buffin: I asked for an address. Ever heard of Cassius Livy?
  • Ilias: The name rings a bell. Scientist?
  • Ryker Buffin: Almost. Engineer. He designed the projector network which was installed in all Ileasaarian cities 15 years ago.
  • Ryker Buffin: If there’s someone who could help you with the projectors, it’s him!
  • Viviana: Can we trust him?
  • Ryker Buffin: Yes, I think so.
  • Viviana: What makes you think that?
  • Ryker Buffin: By all accounts, he’s become a grumpy old man. He hates each and every person equally.
  • Viviana: Not exactly what I wanted to hear…
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