The Way Back Home 051

  • Cassius Livy: Yes? What do you want?!
  • Ryker Buffin: Good morning, Mister Livy. May we talk to you about the projector system?
  • Cassius Livy: The projector system? First tell me who you are!
  • Ryker Buffin: I’m Ryker Buffin, the son of an innkeeper. And these are Jael Bara and Ilias Oter.
  • Cassius Livy: Jael Bara? Don’t pull my leg, boy!
  • Viviana: It’s the truth! And I can–
  • Cassius Livy: Pffft.
  • Cassius Livy: Actually, I don’t care who you are. Just leave me alone!
  • Ryker Buffin: We can pay you!
  • Ilias: We can?
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