The Way Back Home 053

  • Viviana: Well, we have a couple hundred Thaler. But we also need some money for–
  • Cassius Livy: Keep your change. You’ll pay me after you’ve been crowned.
  • Viviana: How much do you want?
  • Cassius Livy: One million Thaler!
  • Ilias: One– One million?
  • Viviana: All right.
  • Viviana: As soon as I control the treasury, I’ll arrange the payment.
  • Viviana: Would you accept payment in the form of real estate?
  • Cassius Livy: Yes. But I want at least a hundred thousand in cash.
  • Viviana: Shall we draw up a contract?
  • Cassius Livy: A contract? Ha!
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