The Way Back Home 056

I have posted the places 13 to 25 of our yearly artwork contest:

  • Viviana: What!? How?!
  • Cassius Livy: With this.
  • Viviana: Is this one of the projector crystals?
  • Cassius Livy: Yes.
  • Ilias: How come you still have one of them?
  • Cassius Livy: For large projects like this, you always order one or two additional specimens of the key components. What if a part breaks? It may take months for a replacement to arrive!
  • Cassius Livy: I couldn’t sell it, though.
  • Ilias: Why not?
  • Cassius Livy: Despite not paying me, the government technically owns the crystal. They’d have thrown me in jail for selling stolen goods.
  • Cassius Livy: But I also didn’t want to sell it. Because this crystal is special.
  • Viviana: Special?
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