The Way Back Home 058

  • Viviana: Yeah, I know.
  • Viviana: Looks like Greendew will have to get by without a new municipal park…
  • Ilias: That’ll be the most expensive speech in the history of Gaia.
  • Viviana: And one of the most important…
  • Viviana: I better get started on it right away.
  • Ilias: And I’ll think about how we could smuggle the hidden artifacts into Greendew.
  • Ilias: If you don’t wear the Avaril around the neck, many spectators won’t believe that you are you.
  • Viviana: True.
  • Viviana: Ryker?
  • Ryker Buffin: Yes?
  • Viviana: Thank you so much for your help!
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