The Way Back Home 062

  • Vel: This will be the result of rainbow magic.
  • Eric Loreson: Yeah, looks like it.
  • Vel: The cut through this blade made out of magically reinforced green Mithril will be completely smooth.
  • Vel: The arrangement of the notches will be consistent with the backlash of a rainbow knife in such a situation.
  • Eric Loreson: Whoa! Let’s not jump to conclusions, Vel!
  • Talon Garrison: Eric’s right. That’d mean one of the Shadowdancers would have committed the murder. Maybe even Jael Bara. That makes no sense.
  • Vel: Vel will stand by his words.
  • Ira Catao: I’ve talked to all the villagers now.
  • Eric Loreson: And…?
  • Ira Catao: Well, one neighbor recalled seeing “a man and a woman” before the incident.
  • Talon Garrison: That’s… not very helpful.
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