The Way Back Home 064

  • Ilias: Look at this, Vivi!
  • Viviana: The transportation sphere?
  • Ilias: Yes.
  • Viviana: Wow, it’s expensive! What’s so special about it?
  • Ilias: Well, for one, the sphere’s so large that even the rainbow knife would fit into it.
  • Ilias: But the best thing about it is that it can fly through all common magic barriers. At the Academy, we talked about such spheres in our “Applied Magic” class.
  • Ilias: The sphere will likely trigger the alarm when it flies through the barrier around Greendew. But it’s so fast that the guards will lose sight of it within seconds. At least at night.
  • Viviana: That means we could send the sphere to the forest, put our artifacts into it, and then send it back to the city!
  • Ilias: Exactly!
  • Ilias: Do you know how to operate such a sphere? Looks complicated.
  • Viviana: The control panel looks like a “VX 8.” I can use those blindfolded!
  • Ilias: Excellent!
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