The Way Back Home 066

  • Argon Pilawick: Good afternoon. What can I do for you, milady?
  • Viviana: I’m interested in the music box in the store window.
  • Argon Pilawick: An excellent choice!
  • Argon Pilawick: Eilean’s music box has a playing time of at least ten hours. It’s a real treasure!
  • Viviana: Indeed! It would be a magnificent addition to my collection.
  • Argon Pilawick: This certificate of authenticity contains tiny crystal shards enchanted by Eilean himself.
  • Viviana: All right.
  • Ilias: We’d also like to take a look at the transportation sphere.
  • Argon Pilawick: Very well.
  • Ryker Buffin: Do you also have something that makes big explosions?
  • Argon Pilawick: Haha, no. I’m afraid we don’t currently carry anything like that.
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