The Way Back Home 067

  • Ilias: Hmm… the price of the sphere seems very high, even considering its size.
  • Argon Pilawick: That’s due to its special enchantment.
  • Ilias: It’s enchanted?
  • Argon Pilawick: Oh yes! The sphere’s able to break through all kinds of barriers, even magical ones.
  • Viviana: Could you show me how such a transportation sphere works?
  • Argon Pilawick: But of course!
  • Argon Pilawick: With this button, you open the sphere’s hatch.
  • Viviana: And then I insert the object I want to send?
  • Argon Pilawick: Correct.
  • Viviana: And how do you set the destination?
  • Argon Pilawick: Suppose we want to send it to the Silver Park, then you first press this button, and then… Blah. Blah. Blah.
  • Ilias: Do you have any cheaper models without special enchantments?
  • Argon Pilawick: We always have around six different transportation spheres in stock. I can show them to you right away.
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