The Way Back Home 106


  • Panel 1: Heyselfall, Ileasaar
  • Panel 2: Firecreek, Ileasaar
  • Panel 3: Bluebluff, Ileasaar
  • Panel 4: Greendew, Ileasaar
  • Panel 5: Aerius, Ileasaar
  • Panel 6: Palace in Aracona, Cania
  • Viviana: I’m Jael Bara, daughter of Eileen and Garret Bara, leader of the Shadowdancers, bearer of the Avaril, and rightful ruler of the Old Kingdom!
  • Viviana: And this is my fiancé Ilias Oter.
  • Viviana: The Shadowdancers have nothing to do with the bomb attack in Aracona!
  • Viviana: The real culprits can be found among the members of the Disciples of the Two Heavens, a cult that also carried out the attack at the Academy of Cania.
  • Viviana: The cult is led by the redmage Eldor Olenvis. He was the one who trapped me, Lilith Caillean and several friends for over a month in Oakdale.
  • Viviana: To prove my identity, I will now provide three facts that only the real Jael Bara can know.
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