The Way Back Home 109

  • Viviana: I’ll now tell you what really happened during the last two months.
  • Viviana: I’ll tell you how I met Ilias and his friends from the Academy, how we stole the Avaril together and how we freed Lilith from prison.
  • Viviana: I’ll tell you how Eldor trapped us in Oakdale, how he tortured me and Lilith and how Lilith eventually teleported me and Ilias to Wylen near Greenspring.
  • Viviana: I’ll also read the most important passages from this confession by a member of the Disciples of the Two Heavens.
  • Viviana: I know that much of it will be hard to believe. But it all really happened! I swear by Arathor and the honor of my parents!
  • Viviana: One day after Lilith’s trial, Ilias Oter and Alissa Itoriel made an awkward attempt to contact the Shadowdancers…
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