The Way Back Home 110

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  • Caption: Almost an hour later.
  • Viviana: … And after another day’s hike, we finally reached Greendew.
  • Caption: Academy of Aracona.
  • Viviana: So much for the facts. It’s obvious that Eldor would never kill Lilith before she casts her “doomsday spell” for him.
  • Caption: Castle of Midgard.
  • Viviana: The Lilith you saw during the execution scene was a doppelgänger! The real Lilith still lives!
  • Caption: Aurelia, capital city of Santhilia.
  • Viviana: I believe that she’s being held by Eldor in the highest tower of Greendew’s castle! But I don’t know for sure.
  • Caption: Osterath, capital city of Golnar.
  • Viviana: We must stop Eldor! He brainwashed Lilith to use her for his insane plans! He’s killed hundreds already, but that’s just the beginning!
  • Caption: Crystalos, capital city of Harasanth.
  • Viviana: I don’t know San de Vertis. But if she says that Lilith’s spell will destroy the world, then I have no reason to doubt her!
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