The Way Back Home 113

  • Caption: In the secret headquarters of the Disciples of the Two Heavens in Osterath, the capital city of Golnar.
  • Eldor: We’ve been held back by reactionary forces for far too long! Forces opposed to progress! Forces that refuse to give you what you deserve!
  • Cultists: BOOOOOOO!!
  • Caption: Two hours before the collapse.
  • Eldor: But now, victory is imminent! Not in weeks or months! … No! … In days!
  • Eldor: At last, we’ll be able to break Gaia’s chains and be truly free!
  • Eldor: Soon, archmages like me will be able to cast spells that extend life by tens of thousands of years!
  • Eldor: And you will be the first ones to benefit! That’s my thank-you for all the support you’ve given me!
  • Cultists: All hail to Eldor!
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