The Way Back Home 126

  • Amos Layh: Quick! The fire is spread–
  • Amos Layh: Huh? Where am I?! This isn’t Oakdale!
  • Alissa: It’s some sort of laboratory. That’s all we know.
  • Amos Layh: Who are you? You look like two people I met in a dream.
  • Alissa: That’s Ryn. And I’m Alissa. We’re from Aracona. But that doesn’t really matter now.
  • Alissa: Listen, Amos! The man who kidnapped you could come back soon. But in that room, there’s a portal leading back to Osterath. You’ll be safe there!
  • Ryn: But it would be good if you could first help us to wake up the other villagers. Can you do that, Amos?
  • Amos Layh: Yes, I guess.
  • Alissa: Good! Ryn, show us how to do it!
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