The Way Back Home 134

  • Eldor: I really don’t know what that’s supposed to achieve, Alissa.
  • Eldor: But I appreciate the courage.
  • Alissa: Were you able to analyze the portal, Fabius?
  • Fabius: Yes!
  • Alissa: So you know where the portal leads to?
  • Fabius: Yes! To the castle of Greendew! And I can reactivate it!
  • Fabius: But I need at least half an hour to stabilize it.
  • Ryn: Arty, do you know any spell that could help us to defeat Eldor?
  • Arty: I’ve developed a completely novel protection spell. But it won’t be of much help if we can’t break Eldor’s own protection spells.
  • Ryn: Better than nothing…
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