The Way Back Home 135

  • General: I’ve just received a report that the riots in Greendew have been brought under control.
  • King Olrik: Good.
  • General: What are your orders regarding Jael Bara?
  • King Olrik: This is all so… confusing!
  • King Olrik: On the one hand, Eldor hasn’t disappointed me even once. On the other hand, Miss Bara seemed to tell the truth too.
  • King Olrik: I’ll fly to Greendew to talk to Miss Bara myself. If I leave right now, I should arrive before midnight.
  • General: Do you really think that this is a good idea, Your Majesty? Greendew isn’t safe ground for you at the moment.
  • King Olrik: Morian and Gregory will accompany me and ensure my safety.
  • King Olrik: Until then, Miss Bara shall be questioned about her relationship to Miss Caillean.
  • General: Very well, Your Majesty.
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