The Way Back Home 137

  • Caption: An hour and a half before the collapse.
  • Interrogator: Where are Salacea and Milo Torval?
  • Viviana: I wish I knew.
  • Interrogator: Where are Salacea and Milo Torval?!
  • Viviana: I already told you that I don’t know! Are you deaf?!
  • Interrogator: Where did you buy the explosion crystals used for the attack in Aracona?
  • Viviana: The Shadowdancers had nothing to do with the attack!
  • Interrogator: Don’t lie to me! One of your members, Federico, has already confessed to the involvement of the Shadowdancers!
  • Viviana: After you tortured him!
  • Interrogator: Nonsense! We weren’t one bit rougher with him than with any other criminal!
  • Interrogator: However, we certainly won’t treat you as gently!
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