The Way Back Home 144

  • Sandril: The guards are leaving their posts.
  • Sandril: And there are no replacements for them.
  • Dyson: Strange…
  • Sandril: See that projection in the sky? Can you tell what it is?
  • Dyson: No, I’m sorry. But it looks like two women.
  • Sandril: Whatever. Come on, Dyson. That’s our chance to get into the city undetected!
  • Sandril: Everything’s deserted.
  • Sandril: Forget about the disguises! We’re heading straight to the castle!
  • Sign 1: Heyselfall / Bluebluff
  • Sign 2: Temple of Gaia / Government Quarter
  • Sign 3: The Great Tree / Castle
  • Sign 4: Spring Square / Trade Q.
  • Sign 5: Academy of Arts / Museum of Draconic History
  • Sign 6: Hospital / Sports grounds
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