The Way Back Home 149

I have posted the results from our latest polls. There are now four new polls that appear randomly in the voting widget in the right sidebar:

  • Are you male or female?
  • Are you in a steady relationship?
  • Since when have you been reading Gaia?
  • What are your three favorite comic genres? (a specific comic is often part of several genres)
  • Guard #1: Hrrrk!
  • Guard #1: I can’t stand up!
  • Guard #2: Me neither! It’s like I weigh a ton!
  • Guard #1: Oh no! That can only mean it was…
  • Guard #2: … Ariella of Cheysh!
  • Guard #1: If Ariella switched sides, Gregory will too!
  • Guard #2: Cania is doomed!
  • Ariella of Cheysh: Take my hand.
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