Poll results

From 10 June 2017 to 26 July 2018, the following eight polls ran on the Gaia website. It’s time to present the results:

Poll from 10 June 2017:

Poll Nr. 41

I’m not surprised that Viviana received the most votes. It’s interesting to compare the new results with the same from 1 October 2013. Back then, Viviana already received 50% of all votes. Lilith had a significantly higher vote count at 27%. Ilias was at 10%, Ryn at 7%. Alissa got 4% of all votes and Sandril 2%. So not all that much has changed since then.

Poll from 10 June 2017:

Poll Nr. 42

Breaking All Barriers was sometimes criticized for being too slow. But overall our readers really enjoyed the chapter. The Tower in the Sky and Monster suffer a bit from their role as intermediate chapters that set up future plot lines. My personal favorite is Breaking All Barriers as well.

Poll from 10 June 2017:

Poll Nr. 43

San de Vertis has been in a good number of pages since the poll ran, so I guess she would receive some more votes today.

Poll from 10 June 2017:

Poll Nr. 44

Yeah, that’s also my personal order. Viviana also looked cute as a redhead, but blond suits her best.

Poll from 10 March 2018:

Poll Nr. 45

Probably not too surprising given Gaia is a high-fantasy comic with scientific elements. I’m not a big fan of comedy fantasy as well. Most comedy fantasy sucks, in every medium. Is it especially hard to write or does the genre attract the worst writers?

Poll from 10 March 2018:

Poll Nr. 46

Most of our readers don’t read many webcomics. 72% read 12 webcomics at most. In the poll from 1 May 2014, that number was only 60%. This is just another data point that illustrates that we have left the golden age of webcomics, for a good number of reasons:

  • Bad work ethic of many webcomic creators (missed updates, endless hiatus) soured the opinion of the interested audience about the medium
  • Several popular long-running webcomics have become stale since their creators ran out of ideas
  • Comics are not an optimal medium for mobile viewing on the small screens of smartphones
  • Increased competition from social media

Poll from 10 March 2018:

Poll Nr. 47

Our readers like to have a look at the comments, but few read them religiously.

Poll from 10 March 2018:

Poll Nr. 48

Only 16% of our readers have bought a book collection from more than one webcomic. That’s a quite low number. It’s no surprise that so many webcartoonists struggle to make a living when you look at numbers like that.

There are four new polls that appear randomly in the voting widget in the right sidebar:

  • Are you male or female?
  • Are you in a steady relationship?
  • Since when have you been reading Gaia?
  • What are your three favorite comic genres? (a specific comic is often part of several genres)

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