The Way Back Home 151

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  • Ilias: Why not?
  • Ariella of Cheysh: Because that wizard is Niven Bluedale. It’d be foolish to assume that he can’t dispel the gravitational effect.
  • Ariella of Cheysh: Besides, I’ve never cast two mass explosion spells in a single day. If things go bad, I’ll pass out before the spell is even finished.
  • Ilias: So what’s our plan?
  • Ariella of Cheysh: We’ll keep an eye on the situation and step in once things get hairy.
  • Ilias: That’ll probably be sooner rather than later.
  • Protester: Set Jael Bara free!
  • Commander: Never!
  • Commander: Anyone who doesn’t leave the outer courtyard within the next five minutes will be killed!
  • Protester: We will free our queen, and nothing will stop us!
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