The Way Back Home 153

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  • Protestor #1: Ariella!
  • Protestor #2: Who?
  • Protestor #3: Ilias!
  • Ariella of Cheysh: I think I’m gonna take this before somebody gets hurt.
  • Ariella of Cheysh: Niven, I’m amazed how you manage to be on the wrong side of history again and again.
  • Niven Bluedale: At least I’m not a traitorous opportunist like you, Ariella.
  • Niven Bluedale: As if you gave an imp’s ass about Jael or Ileasaar! You’re only looking for another adventure!
  • Ariella of Cheysh: I like Jael! But whatever,…
  • Command: What do you want?
  • Ariella of Cheysh: We demand that you release Jael!
  • Ilias: And we demand that you hand over the woman who broke my fiancée’s finger!
  • Commander: Forget it!
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