The Way Back Home 169

  • Eldor: One wrong word to Lilith and a fate worse than death awaits your fiancé!
  • Eldor: I’m back, Lilith! And look who I brought!
  • Viviana: Hello, Lili.
  • Lilith: Vi…vi?
  • Eldor: As you can see she’s fine. And your other friends are fine too! … Apart from a bloody nose maybe.
  • Lilith: You’re telling the truth…
  • Eldor: Of course, I am! I don’t know where Sandril is, though.
  • Lilith: He’s far away, very far away.
  • Eldor: If you say so… Do you want to give the spell another try now?
  • Lilith: Yes…
  • Eldor: Excellent! Viviana, sit here!
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