Cameo of Lilith’s Staff and the Avaril in Board Game Online

Board Game Online features a good number of magical artifacts, and they have just added two items from Gaia, Lilith’s staff and the Avaril!

Lilith’s staff and the Avaril in Board Game Online

They are already listed on the items page (Click on the thumbnail to see the screenshot in full resolution):

Items from Gaia in Board Game Online

As you can see, they gave the items the correct, high-level, magical powers:

  • Lilith’s staff grants focused spellcasting, making all spells of the player immune to defenses against spells.
  • The Avaril grants floating, allowing the player to fly 6 to 10 steps forward or backward.

I think the artwork of this online board game looks quite endearing and professional. So you may want to check it out if online board games are something that interests you.

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